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Last updated May 12, 2008

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This site introduces and provides access to my photo albums.  To start, there is only one album.




In July 2007, I went with two of my sons, Mike and Joe, on a visit to Calabria and Sicily in Italy with stops in London and Rome.  This Photo Album shows the day-by-day progress of the trip. The album is very large and it may require a few seconds for it to appear in your browser. 


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I have included short comments below some of the slides.  The images speak for themselves. In San Pietro a Maida, a little town in the hills of Calabria, my two sons and I connected with my cousin Nicola and many other relatives. We reunited two branches of the Giuliano family that existed separately for 104 years and that did not know of each other's existence until months before our trip.


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